Third Party Manufacturer

SB LIFESCIENCES tops the list of the most reliable manufacturers and suppliers of pharmaceutical products in India & Overseas. We are WHO-GMP certified Company from UK.

We at SB LIFESCIENCES are engaged in Manufacturing and Supplying a wide range of Dry Syrup, Dry Injection, Softgel Capsule,Liquid Injection, Beta Tablets, Liquid Syrup & Suspensions, Ointment, Cream, Gel & Lotions, Non-Beta Tablets, Hard Gelatin Capsules, etc. of exceptional quality.

''Our Company Aims At Meeting Your Needs For Better Manufacturing Services''

Third Party Manufacturer – Top third party Pharma manufacturers in India’ SB Lifesciences invites everyone who is looking for genuine business dealerships. We are a well known third party manufacturer that deals in multiple drug segments like diabetic, oncology, pediatric, ayurvedic, cardiovascular, orthopaedic, dermatology, gastro, gynaecology etc. We offer multiple drug dosage types like tablets, capsules, syrups, injectables, caplets, powders, softgels etc. All of these are made in GMP-WHO units set up in the eco-friendly location of India.

Third party manufacturing in pharma is a great way of expanding business presence in other parts of India. SB Lifesciences is a known third-party manufacturer and supplier in India which has established itself as an icon of trust, professionalism and quality. We have followed best quality control measurements and standards that meet the rising demand for effective, pure & durable drugs. If you search for best in pharma manufacturing company the SB Lifesciences is the best. We aim at maximizing the healthcare system by offering great quality drug formulations.

Benefits of Third Party Manufacturing

Pharma manufacturing is a good way to increase your profit. This service has been taken by many of the well-known companies like Mankind, Cipla, Sun Pharma etc. Many pharma companies offer this service and SB Lifesciences is the best in north India. Taking third party outsourcing helps companies & business in many ways.

  • You can easily expand your business goals shifting your concerns from manufacturing. Let the tension be on the other company which is expert in it.
  • It is best for marketing companies who want to focus on better deals, sales and expansion in near future.
  • These services help you save on costing and big budgets that you spend on various processes in making a medicine.

Customized Solution For Quality Pharmaceuticals Drugs

SB Lifesciences has strictly made sure that all quality control standards are being followed by us. We have been sticking to newer and better resolution of providing good strategies for manufacturing pharmaceutical drugs. This means bring improvised techniques and technology at work. We have hired some of the best skilled and innovative experts in our core management and processing team. They help make our services reliable, efficient and best in the market:

  1. Latest devices and machines have been used to for measuring and testing purposes. The equipment is helpful in cases where we have to check the friability, length, width etc.
  2. We have our own manufacturing unit that has been made on a large patch of land. The location is eco-friendly and we have adopted a hygienic environment for better control.
  3. Our units are fully furnished with latest machines and equipment which work fully under control of skilled manpower.
  4. We have tied deals with best vendors, suppliers and distributors in the market. They provide us with 100% pure organic extracts, chemicals, drugs, packaging material etc. Our different distributaries across India make the best deal for quick delivery assistance without hesitation.
  5. You will get third-party manufacturing in excise free zones. We have used cost-effective techniques and no compromise with quality has been made.

Best Pharma Manufacturing Services Available At SB Lifesciences

 Our strategic partner gets the best of both worlds when they partner with SB Lifesciences! We have been providing quite innovative and effective formulations. Each manufacturing solution has been revised and advised by experts in this field. Being a partner of our company will benefit you with professionalism and quality range at most reasonable rates.

  • The task of assembling resources and quality material will be done by our company.
  • Development will is done by experts of Research & development team.
  • The Trademark & Drugs Registration will be taken care by us. We offer DCGI approved drugs.
  • Designing and packaging material and style is done under the guidnace of innovative designing team of our company to make it look unique and appealing.
  • Manufacturing of promotional items, gifts and tools are also provided as a part of service. You will get here an extensive list of marketing tools guide like diaries, visual aids, promotional literature etc that you want for your company.

Top Third Party Pharma Manufacturers in India’ SB Lifesciences

Haryana-Chandigarh based, Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing company, SB Lifesciences we welcome people are looking for great deals for outsourcing in north India. We are a reputed and an esteemed name in the market for quality and professionalism that we have provided over the years. You will love the wide range of pharmaceuticals drugs that we provide for manufacturing. Our range includes third-party manufacturing in drug markets like:

  1. Ayurvedic products
  2. Pediatric Range
  3. Derma Range
  4. Nutraceuticals Medicines
  5. Diabetic Medicines
  6. Cardiovascular Medicines
  7. Alloptahic Medicines
  8. General medicines etc

These consist of different antibiotic, analgesics, local anaesthesia, multivitamins, anti-viral, anti-infective, anti-allergic, NSAIDs etc. You will get here good quality medicines made with good care. Call us at 9634778913, 09805517346, 9991318346 and know more about the deals.